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Hardcore Special: 92 images of Harmony Heart: 92 Photos of Harmony Heart

Hardcore Special: 92 pix of Harmony Heart: 92 Pix of Harmony Heart

Tricks or scones? Harmony Heart is looking for tricks on Halloween night, clothed up as a jungle sex-bomb. This babe knocks on one door where a petticoat chaser just killing time at home is really cheerful to see her. One view her 36-26-36 body and he’s willing to hand over the candy. It may be Halloween on the calendar but it is Christmas for this chap. Harmony’s batty to identify a rock hard pole to suck and shag so this is her favourable night also.

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SCORE Theater: 25:46 Min Video of Harmony Heart: 25:46 Minute Video of Harmony Heart

SCORE Theater: 25:46 Min Clip of Harmony Heart: 25:46 Minute Clip of Harmony Heart

Tricks or Zeppelins? Harmony Heart is a little mature to be trick or treating but her cave cutie outfit gives her a free pass to do anything that babe damned well pleases. J.Mac suggests her a sucker but this babe doesn’t like engulfing lollipops. Another kind of sucking stick is what Harmony has in mind and that babe wishes it now. This babe wastes no time in going downtown on her new screw buddy’s pulsating Johnson. This babe opens her throat for lollipop furthermore while that babe is titty-fucked. Harmony sure knows how to engulf on a guy’s penis and even finds a new way to take up with the tongue his sweetmeat.

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Voluptuous October 2007: 60 Photos of Ivy Dreams

Voluptuous October 2007: 60 Fotos of Ivy Dreams

Ivy’s been modeling for a scarcely any years now. She measures 42-36-40, wears a 36FF undergarment, weighs approximately 175 lbs. and stands 5’5″. That babe has a captivating face and she has a amicable, girl-next-door look about her that is very adorable. That babe enjoys showing off her body and appreciates the attention. Ivy’s 1st movie scene is Large Beauty Sex School.

Voluptuous: Ivy, What do you remember finest about making Big Goddess Sex School?
Ivy: Getting to be around all of these hawt beauties and boyz.
Voluptuous: What brands of bras do you buy?
Ivy: like Fredericks of Hollywood.
Voluptuous: Do you ever wear smaller bras to get greater deep cleavage?
Ivy: U wager I do! The more breast valley the bigger quantity awesome.
Voluptuous: When you’re trying on a bra, what do u do to test whether it is plan to fit right?
Ivy: I do lots of bending over and shaking the cuties.

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Plumpers: Rose Valentina: 77 Photos of Rose Valentina

Plumpers: Rose Valentina: 77 Photos of Rose Valentina

Can you guess what size undergarment Rose wears? 40HHH. That is Triple-H!! Magnificent! She’s 5’5″ and has a weight of 230 pounds. A fellow could happily spend all day and night sucking on her nipples and playing with her marangos. “I like to dress lustful ‘coz I love the attention. I don’t wear raiment like I did in this photo-shoot, of course! This is a little too hawt to go out in! But I ove to wear constricted, low-cut outfits. The shorter the skirt and the lower the top, the bigger quantity beautiful is my motto!” Let’s hope we see larger amount of Rose in the future. Whatta chick!

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Tessa: 23:36 Minute Video of Tessa

Tessa: 23:36 Minute Clip of Tessa

Large PEDRO returns to push his 10-Pounder into Tessa, who’s grateful for the attention.

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Voluptuous October 2007: 40 Photos of Kerry Marie

Voluptuous October 2007: Fourty Pics of Kerry Marie

One of Kerry’s jobs previous to being detected by Linsey Dawn McKenzie was as a dental hygienist. Then it was off to topless photo modeling. So previous to we are accused of being a bad influence by having our adult models eat chocolate ice jism bars, we would like to state that Kerry in fact brushed her teeth after this glamour photoshoot was completed. This babe showered the sticky ball batter off her impressive body as well although we’ve no images of that priceless activity. Somehow we just can not imagine intend to the dentist and having Kerry help him as they pushed and banged our teeth. The image of the dentist trying to fix a tooth with Kerry in her white, low-cut dental hygienist’s uniform hovering over us, her biggest breast valley milk sacks solely a fraction of an inch from our noses, is likewise much to handle. No, this babe was meant for greater amount worthwhile.

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Rubenesque: 50 Photos of Desire Monet

Rubenesque: Fifty Pictures of Wish Monet

“I have a high sex drive. Masturbation is a have to. Vibrators are great. When I 1st started courting this one particular boy, we used to receive hotel rooms and have sex scenes. Lots of servitude, spankings, areola clamps and sex. It was a batty, kinky time. I am still curious about sex with women ‘coz I was usually drunk when it happened. I’d like to be sober and try it! I’d love to sit and check out a husband have sex with another beauty. That would drive me wild.”

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Samantha: 26:03 Minute Video of Samantha Sanders

Samantha: 26:03 Minute Movie of Samantha Sanders

Samantha’s bazookas are the talk of Great Britain. The people speak with reverence and awe.

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Voluptuous October 2007: 40 Photos of Katherine James

Voluptuous October 2007: 40 Pics of Katherine GEORGE

V-Mag: Did you play sports in school? Katherine: Nope. With these men, I would have gotten a dark eye! I was a D in the Ninth grade and a DD by the time I graduated.
V-Mag: Did your male teachers treat you any differently ‘coz you are busty?
Katherine: Not that I recall. It was just the other kids.
V-Mag: Do you know how much your meatballs weigh?
Katherine: I haven’t a clue. Heavy!
V-Mag: What position do you usually sleep in?
Katherine: I normally sleep on my left side. If I sleep on my belly, I’ve to have a pillow underneath me so my breasts do not receive smooshed.

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