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Chavon Taylor – Hire A Hooker When The Wife’s Away

Hire A Hooker When The Wife’s Away

Hire A Hooker When The Wife's Away

This charmer is lustful and this charmer does not wish to jack. This chab craves twat. This chab urges sex with no strings. No dinner dates, no gifts, no courting. Screw that shit. That ladies man desires a sweetheart who has a tight and accustomed bawdy cleft and large marangos that swing around when he’s screwing her. A hottie who will come over after a phone call and will take his shlong and make him cum and then leave quietly with some cash in her purse for a job well done.

This skirt chaser, who happens to be a cheating partner, needs a competent who will do what he says and screw and suck his knob the way he wants it. The way that gent desires it, when this chab urges it. Someone who will not give him any lip except the lips over his stiff 10-Pounder. A stacked and great looking hotty. Youthful and recent with a taut body. He needs a hooker with mellons. A call-a-slut who will spank her gazoo when you screw her doggy position.

He needs Chavon Taylor. Cuckolded wives, beware. This is the goddess husbands wanna bonk when they are “visiting their sister” or are “out of city on business.” This is the beauty husbands think of when they discharge their loads rogering their wives.

The cheating bastard is already in couch and waiting when Chavon enters the house. This babe is wearing what appears love a bikini and clear exotic dancer heels. Chavon peels without her costume, leaving her floozy shoes on. The sight of her sucking on her trick’s meat-thermometer while in a doggie pose is tremendous, like a smutty mens’ mag centerfold come to life. What a mouth on this angel. This babe goes down deep and holds. That babe gags. She drools. Other girls should study Chavon’s playbook.

And then that babe takes his penis unfathomable inside her babe trap for an epic copulate. Time and money well spent for this messy, rotten cheating husband. He’ll be banging Chavon one time more one afternoon unless his wife takes notice the bank statements are funny-looking.

Watch More of Chavon Taylor at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

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Alana Lace – Insatiable



Alana Lace goes for her first sexual canoodle at XLGirls! This is one of the horniest girls ever at The SCORE Group. Alana seems to be in perpetual heat, whether she’s pulling on her nipps and drubbing one out in girl-alone masturbation or playing chap finder and having a dirty ride with a rock hard buck. We like this gal, and that babe is only 21 but has the sex drive of 3 hotty’s combined.

Mirko is curling weights when Alana interrupts his lifting. The brunette hair seductress has a different and more worthwhile weight for him to lift. Lift to his mouth and engulf. A hotty who plays with her bumpers every chance that babe receives, it’s even more fantastic when a buck does it for Alana. Her areolas are very sensitive. This babe shoves her bazooms in his face to attract his attention. No need to be coyness or subtle about it. Alana is aggressive and assertive when that babe needs the initial attention, then she becomes unrepining when the chap takes charge. This babe can’t live with out rough sex and being manhandled and says this babe fantasizes about that.

Mirko feeds Alana penis. That babe can’t live without to make slurping sounds and get spitty when this babe gives a buck a blowjob. That babe is great at that. That babe likes to purr, groan and softly talk obscene during sex. Getting her mangos banged previous to her wet crack is pressed fills her with excitement. Her moves are sultry and raunchy. Alana makes bucks potty especially when this babe goes out in something skimpy–and that’s often since this babe lives in Florida. Doing porn brings out her true nature. It was the right career choice. Alana shouldn’t be working some nine-to-five boring job in an office. That would be a sin and a waste!

Watch More of Alana Lace at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Kelly Christiansen – Jackumentary: Kelly Christiansen

Jackumentary: Kelly Christiansen

Jackumentary: Kelly Christiansen

“Probably one of the most-asked questions I have had is ‘Do u actually look love you do in the magazines and movies?,’ and I say, ‘Yes, I suppose so.’ Certainly, I don’t go around clothed in the hot clothing I wear at SCORE to the grocery store!

“I’ve done plenty of things. I used to work for a newspaper. I was a telemarketer. I have done lots of sales. Sales rep. I do wedding planning. More of the booking.
Honestly, I had no idea what to await at SCORE. I have viewed the mag, so I had a feeling about how I would be posing, but I had no idea about anything else.

“My boyfriend told, ‘Hey, look, they have this BeASCOREModel web resource,’ so we viewed the little introductory episode and this dude told, ‘You should do this.’
It is been more unbelievable than my expectations. My friends always say I am very down-to-Earth and more like the girl-next-door.”

That is the great Kelly Christiansen (SCOREtv: Uncut & Uncensored, Large Tit A-List 2 and seven other DVDs plus ten magazines). 2011 SCORE Pornstar of the year winner Kelly is back in “civilian” life after a popular run at SCORE over a few years.

This Jackumentary is a honor (a one-armed hi, naturally) to this stacked brickhouse blonde-next-door who was encouraged to pose by a very liberal partner and a SCORE browser.

“I do like to look at myself have sex, and each time I see myself, I can’t make no doubt of it is really me. We’re not swinging married couples. That gent likes watching me with other boys and that Lothario likes the idea that his wife is a star.”

Kelly Christiansen: future big breasted legend.

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Linsey’s Three-Way

Linsey’s Three-Way

Linsey's Three-Way

This 3some from the DVD Maximum Insertion (sold at eBoobStore) is the second and final hardcore scene with a charmer starring SCORE‘s preeminent superstar Linsey Dawn McKenzie.

When a new natural debuts, many veteran boob bucks praise her as “The Next Linsey Dawn McKenzie.” LDM became the prototype, the role glamour model by which other stacked cuties are measured. The bar is set very high. Linsey naturally made it so.

After Linsey’s first boy-girl scene in 2001, Paramount Linsey, in which she drilled her future husand Terry a hardly any weeks previous to their wedding, two years passed. Ten months later, they divorced. When in Spain for a series of photo discharges for, Linsey decided to try a second boy-girl, only this time a Czech named Marketa (Big boobed Euro Maids and many other SCORE DVDs) was added to make it a 3some. The chap was a adept weenie this time, Robert alias “Mr. Trousersnake” from Big breasted Euro Maids. This chab copulates them one as well as the other in a home Fitness Centre. Marketa is a captivating, big breasted pornstar with great moves but Linsey is the definite star of the display here.

Linsey and Veronika tell Robert to acquire his hot clothing off and that fellow does when Linsey grabs his knob with out his shorts and wraps her lips around it. The girls take turns slobbering over his shlong. Veronika grabs the shaft and works on the head during the time that Linsey goes for his bag, mouthing one nut at a time. Then they switch and Linsey inhales half his bone down her throat previous to giving it to Veronika. The girls give Trousersnake tons of mouthing in advance of he receives to shag Linsey’s titties. Linsey takes it doggie position while tongueing Veronika’s love tunnel. Robert shoots a gigantic load onto the one and the other angels as they kiss and suggest their astonishing bouncy bosoms for his man-juice, with almost all of the man cream landing on Linsey’s chin and neck.

Linsey is far more athletic and acrobatic in her sex poses than this babe was in Topmost Linsey which took place on a standard bed during the time that Marketa makes a worthwhile wingwoman. Linsey not at all afresh did some other hardcore scene with a charmer. At the time British sex stars were just starting to be recognized by a wider audience with British bra-buster Cathy Barry being one of the unsurpassable known. We know LDM would have become a humongous porn star had this babe continued but that was not what she wanted, preferring a milder career in adult.

See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

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Valory Irene – Upstairs Downstairs & What A Staircase!

Upstairs Downstairs & What A Staircase!

Upstairs Downstairs & What A Staircase!

The SCORE crew craves that our friend Valory Irene (and Sha Rizel) did not live so far away in Ukraine. But urges do not exist. It takes work and planning to make smth happen. ‘coz of the logistics involved, photographing Valory involves major projects such as Big Boob Finishing School in Portugal and the latest, SCORELAND On Location in the Caribbean. Valory just can’t pop over to visit our office for a hardly any days. This photo spread and clip of Valory adult modeling underware and dresses and exposing each inch of her extremely fetching body is one more keeper.

Valory’s life at home:

“I love lap dancing. I love swimming. I adore rabbits and dogs, but I do not have any pets ‘coz I live in a bigger in size than typical town and it’s rock hard to have pets. I work so much, I hardly have time to take care of myself. That is why it’s so much pleasure to be a glamour model.”

About being a model identified by SCORE in 2010:

“It is something I always dreamed of, and now I’m living out my fantasy. Several times, I had dreamed about being a model love this, and my dream came true! My favourite part is makeup, changing into different hot outfit, wearing different sexy outfit. Everything. I like what I am doing.”

The internal Valory:

“I’m kind. I am a valuable person, I think. Certainly, maybe it is not worthy to talk about myself love that and say that I’m a priceless person, but I suppose I treat chaps good. I give my warmth to them. I’d like to have sex beneath a palm tree, as lengthy as no coconuts fall on my head! But I am a romantic. I adore when a charmer surprises me and takes his time to do special things.”

See More of Valory Irene at SCORELAND.COM!

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Charlie Cooper – Jackumentary: Charlie Cooper

Jackumentary: Charlie Cooper

Jackumentary: Charlie Cooper

Jackumentary gazes with longing at Charlie Cooper, an XLGirl who was here and gone all also quickly. “I have big fun bags, and people have been telling me forever that I would be truly admirable doing adult modeling because of my astronomical bra buddies,” Charlie told an XLGirls mag editor. “I’ve even had some boyfriends in the past who read your magazines and wanted to send my photos in, but I always said ’em no. And lastly my agent came to me with this suggest, and I wanted to think about it. Then I didn’t work with him anymore, but u boys tracked me down. And I figured I am not getting any younger so I might as well do it now.”

Charlie’s 1st discharges were solos. This babe has the ideal XL body and overall look. Charlie returned 2 weeks later to try XXX and she proved to be a natural at hard sex fun. Miss Cooper returned again for more enjoyment and games including the popular XLGirls DVD, Larger than standard Beauty Club.

Charlie herself watches porn… “All the time. I see interracial porn and porn with angels with larger than typical hooters and bigger than run of the mill booties. That way I can pretend it is me.”

We like to say by no means say by no means at The SCORE Group cuz glamour models do return after lengthy absences away from the cameras. So maybe Charlie will return one day and be avid to strut it again. We can but hope. Meanwhile, here’s a observe some of Charlie Cooper’s massive bosoms.

Watch More of Charlie Cooper at XLGIRLS.COM!

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SaRenna Lee – Whoppers Ahoy! Part 2

Meatballs Ahoy! Part 2

Boobs Ahoy! Part 2

In the opener of Part 2 of Melons Ahoy! the saga of the 5th and last Boob Cruise in 2000, the Windjammer Legacy anchors off St. Croix. It is May 1 and Casey James is this segment’s hostess. In the first group on the 7AM tender to a slight, uninhabited island several miles off St. Croix are Lorna Morgan, Jessica Turner, Windy Leigh and those Cruise-mate photographers avid to begin taking images.

The passenger shoot was one of the majority popular events of the Boob Cruise. Many of the veteran passengers have humongous photo albums of previous photo shoots, from solo to girl-on-girl to multi-girl discharges. How many studs can say they directed a SCORE model on a tropical island? We have watched many of their books, some even bring ’em to the Cruise, and the workers was always impressed by how worthy their work looks.

This St. Croix passenger shoot is solely the beginning as this chapter of Bra buddies Ahoy! continues with Lorna Morgan taking over as hostess, more top SCORE stars posing on the beach and putting on night exposes on deck, personal reminiscences and non-stop booze cruise partying that made the Cruises the big boob event of the year for a decade, a phenomenon of its time.

Watch More of SaRenna Lee at SCORELAND.COM!

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Ann Calis – Stupendous Pointer sisters & Petite Bikinis

Giant Meatballs & Small Bikinis

Huge Whoppers & Miniature Bikinis

Finest recent discovery Ann Calis goes for round two at SCORELAND with a teeny bikini adult modeling session. If Ann ever wore any of those bikinis at the beach or at a public pool, she’d need a petite army of lifeguards to protect her.

Ann likes to swim and considers herself an professional swimmer. This babe is our kind of bigger than typical alluring lady beach bunny. After her bathing suit display, it is spank Them time for Ann, her greater than typical mounds quivering. This babe offers herself up for inspection, chasing your attention and hoping you savour her supple curves and sensational booty.

Furthermore swimming, Ann practices Yoga and plays volleyball. We must see her jump discharged one day. “I started to develop when I was twelve and I had the biggest knockers of all my friends,” Ann said. “I like when guys notice me and pay attention, not just to my chest but to all of me.” Elementary enough when there is eye-candy like Ann. We hope she proceeds to adult model for a lengthy time to come. That babe is really one hawt fascinating heart.

See More of Ann Calis at SCORELAND.COM!

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Sofia Rose – I Live Out My Dreams

I Live Out My Dreams

I Live Out My Fantasies

To call Sofia’s bra buddies solely “big boobs” is a major understatement. Sofia Rose tests the endurance of her spouse Tony in “I Live Out My Fantasies” and that includes measuring how lengthy this petticoat chaser can hold his breath with his face engulfed in her enchanting, titanic bosom and how lengthy he can handle her throat and sexy fur pie with out blowing his cum all over her. “Although I love to swallow cum, I know it’s a mammoth turn on to studs to see cum and a sloppy mess,” Sofia says.

“I used to be a abdomen dancer, so obviously my body likes to move in different kinds of ways,” Sofia told. “That helps during sex. As for my prefered position, with every boyfriend I savour smth better than the other. I’d typically say doggie-style but in some instances I like the charmer to be on top of me and for him to have the control. Then I’ve discovered I adore the control likewise and dominant-bitch on top. I love sex, in any position.”

In this scene, Sofia is in the driver’s seat. Then that babe and Tony reverse the control game. “I love plenty of giving a kiss and nipple play when I am on top. I’d adore to have sex every single day if possible. If I await a dunky in number days, I definitely savour the build-up and the anticipation.”

See More of Sofia Rose at XLGIRLS.COM!

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