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Korina Kova & Selena Adams: Seeing Double

Korina Kova & Selena Adams: Seeing Double

Korina Kova & Selena Adams: Seeing Double

Bosom buddies don’t acquire more bosomy than kissin’ cousins Selena Adams and Korina Kova. More marvelous than clip stars, big-boobed and bootylicious, Korina and Selena got together for the 1st time at SCORELAND and electricity was in the air.

Naturally, the angels could not keep their hands or their eyes off every other. They talk about their fun bags and booties, and u can tell that this gives them enjoyment. They the one and the other appear to be as if they are looking into a mirror. Dressed in skimpy halter tops, they delightedly examine every other’s marangos and cheeks, thrilled to touch their hawt bods. They are in sync.

Their tops and bottoms came off, and absolutely nude, they play with their areolas, twerk their sensational gazoo cheeks and spread their pink flaps. This is the true meaning of double your joy.

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Ariane Saint-Amour: Skintight Makes Right

Ariane Saint-Amour: Skintight Makes Right

Ariane Saint-Amour: Skintight Makes Right

Montreal’s cosplay and fetish star Ariane Saint-Amour once called herself an “Otaku geek girl” who spends her free time playing clip games and reading mangas. She has a thing for clowns. The world needs more geek angels adore this.

Have you ever had a erotic encounter with one more goddess?

Ariane: I am well-versed in girl-to-girl pleasures. I have a very “decent” strap-on at home for the ladies.

SCORELAND: Have you ever had sex in public?

Ariane: If there’s a way to do it in public with out getting into a predicament, I endevoured it or will.

SCORELAND: Are you assertive or passive?

Ariane: I am a switch.

SCORELAND: What satisfies u the superlatively worthy?

Ariane: A buck and a beauty. Or two….

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My Living Breasty Doll

My Living Busty Doll

My Living Busty Doll

Dominatrix sex-bots may be taking over. More and more of ’em are being produced. Even Korina Kova is having one made in her likeness by a company in Texas. Will they be taking over for real honeys?

Who’s that knock-knock-knocking on JMac’s door? It’s a courier with a large box marked “Handle with care.” It’s a mystery. Who sent it? Was it sent by accident to the not correct address? What’s in it? JMac lifts off the top half and is surprised at what he sees, and this lady-killer is rarely surprised.

It’s not what’s in the box. It is who is in the box. It is the Savannah Stevens sex-droid, life-sized to the minutest detail and made with out the best, majority realistic and flesh-like material science has created. Larger than standard, velvety, jutting wobblers. A feels-real love tunnel and chocolate hole. A impressive doll face, an arse crafted for male hands to cup and ideal legs. A womanoid even dressed in the tiniest stripper-wear to unveil her hawt body in.

JMac examines this modern marvel of science and thinks of the things this charmer can do with this fem-bot. This charmer touches it and feels the synthetic skin that is as smooth as a girl’s skin. Does it, or rather “she,” actually work or is it just adore a waxwork figure? He sees a tag on its back. “Pull here to activate.” With a tug, it, or rather “she” shudders, a beeping sound is heard and that babe takes a unfathomable breath. Her marangos thrust out and this babe awakens with a smile, her hands lazily trickling down her skinny, stacked torso. This babe lives!

JMac touches a boob encased in its undergarment cup. “What are u?” that chap asks. “I feel so much more outstanding now,” says Savannah-bot. JMac cant wait to try her and test out her realistic mouth and wet crack. Whoever programmed this sex doll in sucking and rogering knew his code work. And one time the test gangbang is over, there is another important question: Does Savannah-bot know how to make coffee?

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Boob Science: Greater than typical Tit Boss Woman

Boob Science: Big Tit Boss Female

Boob Science: Bigger than typical Tit Boss Lady

Boob scientist Dexter works as a delivery man for a bitchy, big boobed boss (Aileen Ghettman). This Lothario would have no chance of getting in Miss Ghettman’s knickers on his own but with the super-power of Mandy (Daphne Rosen), things have a way of working out in the pursuit of bawdy cleft.

Daphne clears the conference room so Miss Ghettman can suggest her big-boobed body to her new crush, Dexter. The size of her mellons is absolutely magnificant. This chab is in hooter heaven.

The new allies adjourn to the conference room sofa so Dexter can relish stretching out Aileen and a team fuck the bitchiness with out her.

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Cheryl Blossom: Boobs-A-Poppin’ Top Droppin’

Cheryl Blossom: Boobs-A-Poppin’ Top Droppin’

Cheryl Blossom: Boobs-A-Poppin' Top Droppin'

Cheryl Blossom sets off a popcorn explosion in the kitchen. This babe just needed to touch the bowl and the air was filled with flying popcorn. This babe is the kind of cutie who inspires lads to consider a career in bra-fitting. This babe is an anatomy award winner in every way, and handsome likewise.

Cheryl gives the impression of a calm, relaxed, well-read beauty who follows her own star and takes everything in stride, including what other people say, especially cuties.

“I remember one situation when I was in another city in my country, and I was walking down the street, and a hotty was walking toward me, and this babe said me that such large silicone zeppelins are horrible. And I said, ‘Okay.’ She just walked away and I thought, ‘I will by no means watch u again, I hope.'”

As Cheryl said earlier, “I urge to live without paying attention to what people around me think about me. All of us wish it probably.”

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Lana Blanc: Impressive & Big-Boob.

Lana Blanc: Captivating & Big boobed.

Lana Blanc: Attractive & Big-Boob.

“I acquire tons of attention when I’m wearing very low-cut things, but honestly, I do not costume in a very revealing way in my day-to-day life,” said attractive brunette hair Lana Blanc.

Lana’s voice is as sensuous as her personality and her Big-Boob body, as the video proves. “While I enjoy glamour modeling, getting so much attention in my intimate, standard life isn’t for me.

Lana has a Bachelor’s degree in marketing. That babe is an art paramour, likes to tour, especially by air because that babe loves flying and airplanes, and craves to watch as much of the world as possible.

“I’m a foodie so I savour good dining. I’ve enjoyment plan to museums and reading travel magazines to give a decision where I wanna go next.”

Fortunately for all of us, one of Lana’s destinations included SCORELAND.

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Sabina Leigh’s Big busted Big-Uns

Sabina Leigh’s Breasty Big-Uns

Sabina Leigh's Big busted Big-Uns

Sabina Leigh sports bush, and in checking it out, we can solely say, “What’s not to like?” Sabina herself has told “I keep it trimmed but I don’t love to shave it all the way. I’m a golden-haired and have blond pubic hair, too, so I love to keep it natural.” Hair’s to big-boobed blondes from Colorado by way of Missouri, the “show my bush” state.

“I am often surprised at how people respond to my body, especially when they watch me in person. Being stripped to all those photos of skinny babes in the mainstream media and even in other adult magazines and websites, kind of makes you feel love there’s merely one body style that is fetching. So, knowing fellows and honeys relish hotties who are more full-figured is actually great.”

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Boob Science: Girlfriend Stealer

Boob Science: Girlfriend Stealer

Boob Science: Girlfriend Stealer

In the SCORE feature episode Boob Science, two total losers at bagging slit, Dexter and Sheldon, have created superwoman Mandy (Daphne Rosen) in the privacy of their bedroom by using computer equipment and dark-skinned science.

Mandy can make all of their fantasies come true. Sheldon, Dexter and Mandy cross paths with Sheldon’s arsehole brother Troy, a wannabe air-drumming, long-haired rocker. That stud starts an argument in the hallway.

“Who’s the doll?” Troy says, eyeing Mandy. “Hey honey bunny, what street corner did these fruitcakes pick u up on? I can not make no doubt of u brought a hooker into the house. Mama and Daddy are intend to rip you a recent one!” “That’s no way to talk to a lady, buster!” Mandy says.

“Hey, you ladies know my girlfriend Kimberly,” gloats Troy. Stacked and Big-Boob redhead Kimberly (Contessa Rose) comes over and the two start a disgusting make-out session to irritate the three-some. He smacks Kimberly’s arse and guides her into the bedroom. That babe giggles. “S’cuse me, ladies and wench friend. I got man-slut work to do.”

That truly receives Mandy angry so this babe teleports the trio into Troy’s room and zaps him fastened and gagged to a public beach. Then Sheldon takes his brother’s place on the bed with Kimberly, thank you to Mandy’s magic. “You’re a hundred times the gent your brother is!” Kimberly tells him and pushes her mammoth meatballs in his face for starters.

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AmberVision: YOU Group-sex Amber Alena

AmberVision: YOU Gangbang Amber Alena

AmberVision: YOU Gangbang Amber Alena

It is point-of-view, I-see-you time with Amber Alena, and the pounding way this babe rides pecker can put a lad in the ICU from exhaustion. This scene is substantiation again.

Amber shares our breast fixation and obsession. That led her to stripping, then web-cam shows and now SCORELAND. Big knockers and a high sex drive.

“I realized I was an exhibitionist late,” Amber told. “Probably when I was Eighteen. That is when I started to realize that I wanted to explore my sexuality. Previous to that, I’d always been a intimate person. Reading books, sports. I was a different gal. At Eighteen, I blossomed.

“My nipps are truly sensitive. They’ve always been sensitive, and every time I get bigger, they keep getting more sensitive and lascivious. I like touching my mammaries all the time. It is something I do for pleasure. I can not avoid touching my fullsome funbags.

“When it comes to my scoops being played with, I adore a mixture of cushioned and rough. Soft-rough. They’re so sensitive, they can not handle nipp clamps or inflexible biting, but I love licking with tongue, teasing. It’s fun.

“I think my juggs acquire more attention than me! But I truly have joy the attention and would not change it for everything. People looking at my chest makes me glad, and for some reason, the attention makes me want larger funbags one day.

“I suit to reveal off my chest on my social media pages and in real life. Sometimes I’ll wear low-cut tops and at other times I’ll wear a turtleneck or smth similar that totally covers my chest. As lengthy as the raiment is taut and form-fitting, I adore to wear it.”

Watch More of Amber Alena at SCORELAND.COM!

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