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The Big breasted Bartender

The Busty Bartender

The Busty Bartender

Bazookas are like beer. Miniature in number adore them flat.

Princess Pumpkins is perfectly pleased doing her webcam thing and attending cosplay expos. It would be a bar owner’s dream to have Princess as a big boobed bartender. She’d receive the crowd boob-drunk all night.

SCORELAND: Have u always had a shaggy cunt?

Princess: At first, I just had top bush. I didn’t wanna go through the itchy phase, and I didn’t crave to need to scratch my cunt whilst the hair was growing back.

SCORELAND: I adore that word, cunt.

Princess: So do I. It is my prefered word. It can be used as an insult, in a nice way, it’s smutty, it is naughty. You can say, “She’s a cunt” or “I’d love to engulf on her cunt” or “She has such a charming cum-hole.” It works so many ways.

SCORELAND: I’d imagine that it’s rigid for u to look down and shave. Your juggs need to acquire over here the way.

Princess: Well, I kind of acquire to be on my back and looking down betwixt my knockers if I’m shaving. It is not facile, so I do not do it also often.

SCORELAND: U might as well keep it as it is, right?

Princess: Lads love it. And for a while, I was dying my bush because I had dyed hair for a whilst. The carpet matched the drapes, but then I let it grow out and become fully natural. Lads just absolutely like it. I’ve these humongous, fake funbags, I’m very slender, I am youthful and I take off my thongs, and, bam, ’80s bush! It’s a nice combination. The only time I trim it a little bit is if I am plan to be wearing short shorts in a public place. I need to stay at least somewhat appropriate. I can’t walk around families with my bush drooping out.

SCORELAND: What is the almost any important thing dudes should learn about cam angels or glamour models in general?

Princess: I can’t speak for the others but for me it is that I am just as excited as u dream I am. I like to chat but I love to cum even more!

SCORELAND: What clip or book character are you almost all similar to?

Princess: The Abode Bunny. It is not much of a stretch but my personality matches my looks.

SCORELAND: What would surprise us about u?

Princess: I am a great cook! And yep, often wearing nothing more than the apron, bucks.

SCORELAND: Have u ever busted a belt in public?

Princess: Totally. These things are huge! With scoops love these, a thong breaking isn’t an if, it is a when.

SCORELAND: What is the sexiest outfit you’ve ever worn in public on an run of the mill day?

Princess: It was not sexy on purpose but once I had a white top on with a white bra on a day without a cloud in the sky…until it started to rain like potty. That outfit got very hawt, very fast.

SCORELAND: What do u crave u had more time for?

Princess: I wish I had more time for my art. Maybe I should doing stripped coloring on cam. Thoughts?

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Cum For Kitty

Cum For Kitty

Cum For Kitty

Mischievous Kitty is a whole lotta lady and this babe needs a entire lotta banging. Knocking on JMac’s door appears to be adore the right thing to do, even if it’s below false pretenses. This chab knows when a hotty just wishes act.

Kitty wants to reveal him how that babe sucks, loudly gags and chokes on shlong and how this babe makes spit strings from her face hole to the wang. Her 40G-cup scones are ideal for screwing and JMac makes that his next prevent after this skirt chaser sucks her areolas and copulates her face hole.

Their plans include doggie, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, side-saddle and pile-driver–the harder and deeper, the more astounding. It is vigour screwing time and this goddess is brawny adore a brickhouse.

“I’m a little bit of both passive and confident so it really depends on the person I am with and the situation I’m in,” said Kitty who speaks English and Russian. “I like doggie-style. I always swallow or acquire a facial.”

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Sierra Skye is Stood Up

Sierra Skye is Stood Up

Sierra Skye is Stood Up

Sierra Skye is a Florida love bubbles ‘n’ a-hole winner who moved to California. “I do like being a ding-dong tanalize so I adore to wear short skirts with no briefs and tight tops just to make dudes drool. It is fun watching boys stare and have them know they can not have you.”

Sierra doesn’t acquire away with any shlong teasing here. Instead, you’ll watch her in pecker fascinating mode. If that babe dresses normally love she dresses here, it is no surprise that she leaves a trail of boob-dogs with drooping tongues.

“I was a cheerleader in high school and I do not care what anyone says…cheerleading is definitely a sport!” Sierra doesn’t wear her cheerleader costume here but that babe does dress very sexily, flaunting her great body in a low-cut titty top and short petticoat.

“I’m an exhibitionist. I’m into a lot of things but no thing also kooky. I like coarse sex but no thing adore BDSM or anything crazy love that. I am just a run of the mill, randy gal who can’t live out of to spend all day on the beach.”

When Sierra discovers that her date has abandoned her, that babe takes on his room mate. Tony disrobes her down, the better to investigate her hot tan lines. In record time, he’s fucking her 44-inch hangers and her lovely slit and the spouse is forgotten.

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The Beauty From Tokyo

The Gal From Tokyo

The Hotty From Tokyo

Kaho Shibuya is a popular model in Japan and a friend of Hitomi. She’s been to The United States of America a few times with a group of Japanese adult models to attend the adult expo in Las Vegas.

Kaho’s English is fantastic. In advance of that babe joined the adult industry in Japan, she was a newspaper reporter recent without high-school, covering sports and baseball in specific.

“I was the bustiest goddess in school but since I’ve solely been to girls-only schools from simple to high-school, I did not experience the boys’ curious eyes on my chest.”

In her spare time, Kaho likes to play the ukulele. That babe demonstrates how this babe plays it, minus the actual ukulele, in her interview. She works out one time a week if she’s not busy. “Which I usually am…”

When that babe goes out, Kaho doesn’t dress to show off her greater than run of the mill love bubbles. “I don’t, except for my porn and adult modeling jobs. I have a colorful selection of what I call ‘cleavage sweaters.'”

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Bragg & Bounce

Bragg & Bounce

Bragg & Bounce

“I’m the 1st to admit that I’m not an actress,” Brianna Bragg told. “What u watch is what u click this link my episodes. I am just being me. I do think that making porn episodes is much tougher on the petticoat chaser than it’s on the goddess. Hotties can fake it if they urge to. Lads cant do that. They receive to acquire it up and keep it up and that is plenty of pressure.”

Brianna Bragg came from Clearwater, Florida, a city, like nearby Tampa, that appears to be totally populated by hawt girls. Brianna could be Whitney Stevens’ twin. They’re nearly dead ringers although Brianna is much taller at 5’10”. Brianna introduces herself by jumping, creating a 36DD sweater-quake.

An interview follows with Pike. Brianna was in the army, one of many interesting facts about her. That babe receives a breast exam, then some hands-on fondelling and areola mouthing. That chap acquires a oral stimulation, screws her big marangos and fills her pussy-hole in missionary, doggie and cowgirl. She jerks his meat off all over her floppy jugs with her own hand, smth we crave to watch instead of the boy doing it.

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Gaynor: Raw & Hot

Gaynor: Raw & Hot

Gaynor: Raw & Hot

Gaynor of Manchester, UK was one of the foremost known of the BBWs during a time when BBWs in porn were scarce and not showcased by majority of the adult industry.

Gaynor was a Plumper of the Month in January 1997 Voluptuous before XL Cuties mag was launched. She later appeared in XL Angels mag in SP#29, published in 1999.

Love the movies at, this scene is not edited, has the original sound, does not have a music overlay and has at not time been seen or heard in this form outside of the editing room at the London studio. The videography is very different compared to the shooting styles of this day. It is raw and uncut. There are flubs, bloopers, verbal direction and digital camera movements that the clip editor subsequently removed. Gaynor is very sexually aggressive and powerful and her sex partner acquires a real workout.

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Shannon’s Breast Quest

Shannon’s Breast Quest

Shannon's Breast Quest

“I adore sunbathing on a secluded beach,” Shannon Blue said. “I’m not a nudist. I tried it once in the Britain. It was a very liberating feeling.” It is impossible for Shannon to blend into the background and not get noticed. Not with that super-structure.

From being an typist to becoming a super-busty glamour model at SCORELAND, on social media sites and on United Kingdom phone-in unveils like Red Light, Shannon absolutely transformed her life and found her pleasure after this babe turned 50.

“I did a Channel 5 TV expose in the England called ‘Oh My God, My Midlife Plastic Crisis.’ It was filmed over four days and the camera followed me around.

“The sensitivity of my meatballs is exactly the same as they were in advance of I had my love melons done. There wasn’t a change. My areolas have always been quite sensitive. I adore my breasts squeezed but mainly I adore to have my areolas licked.”

Shannon too practices waist-training. “I desire to have the topmost boob-to-waist ratio I can receive.”

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Boobs Beyond Belief

Bouncy bosoms Beyond Belief

Boobs Beyond Belief

Greatness is worth awaiting for, and that is the case with Alice85JJ, a beauty with a couple of the colossal natural bazookas in the world.

Alice is very free and elementary and relaxed. This babe has an inviting personality on-camera–natural, down-to-earth and affable. When she’s home, that babe can’t live with out to cook traditional Romanian dishes. She doesn’t have a perverted side and she giggled when this babe was asked if she’s into any fetishes.

“I have to try on bras previous to I buy them,” Alice said. This is a major problem for many very big boobed hotty’s. Solely fittings can solve this issue. “I have a big cup size but I am miniature around. I’ve tried a pair of times to buy online but it did not work. I do not adore granny bras. When I leave my house I wear a undergarment. When I’m home, I do not.” In her interview, Alice endevoured on different bras. It was a real eye-opener.

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It’s A Big boobed A-hole Call Thing

It is A Big boobed A-hole Call Thing

It's A Big busted Wazoo Call Thing

It is a big boobed booty call thing for hawt juvenile thang Milly Marks and her breast and gazoo worshiping ally Tommy Pistol. As pleasant as candy, Milly shakes her enormous melons at him and that is sufficient to turn him into a maniac, desperate for a sexing with the brunette hair looker. This beauty has absolute force.

“Being juvenile and glamourous is extraordinarily fun and a meaty feeling,” Milly said in a chat.

By the time the smoke from their lust-drenched bodies clears the room, they’ll have banged their brains out, ending in a hawt anal drilling.

“I love wazoo ram. Some boys have cum in my gazoo. It doesn’t happen a lot, but
when it does, I like it.”

Since that babe initially debuted, many loads have been lost in tribute to this Voluptuous Sex star of the year winner and covergirl. It is a skirt chaser thing.

“You’re going to like my boobs and you are intend to toss off to them and cum a lot!” is Milly’s standing dictate to SCORELAND chaps. “And I hope you write letters and make comments and let me know how much you loved ’em and what u did when you were looking at ’em. And maybe I’ll lay in sofa reading the comments and masturbate during the time that I’m reading them, so it can be love we’re doing it together!”

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