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Star Goddess

Star Female

Star Woman

Early on, Sandra Star was inspired by Minka and Elizabeth Star. She admires Amy Anderssen, one of the hottest of the super-boobed adult stars, like Sandra is.

Sandra is a free-spirit. “I adore to live my life spontaneously,” told Sandra. “I do not have a list of goals I crave to achieve. I just make almost certainly of in being the superlatively priceless I can be.”

Sandra’s much loved cuisine is French and Italian and this babe drinks white wine and malt whisky. That babe likes to go to beach bars when she’s on holiday. “I adore to wear taut swimsuits that brandish a lot of cleavage and cut high in the hips adore Baywatch-style or bikinis.

“Men usually ask me questions about my milk sacks. About their size, their weight and the effect they have on people. They fascinate the lads I meet and I can watch in their eyes that they wanna touch and kiss them.”

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Sex On The Beach

Sex On The Beach

Sex On The Beach

“I kick off sex,” Arianna Sinn said. “I love to be in command. But once it starts, I adore the buck to be a little more aggressive. I can make sex happen, but then I like him to tell me what this chab craves and do what he desires with me. But sometimes, I will take control. I like to shake my love muffins in a man’s face and see his reaction.”

Relaxing on the beach appreciating a cocktail, Arianna soaks up the sun. This beach is remote and empty. There is no one around for miles. Arianna lifts up her bottle of sun gel. Sat behind her is her boy toy, her private assistant. That babe keeps him close by to satisfy her each need, and we do mean every need.

Arianna prefers a large gent with a bigger in size than average schlong cuz she’s a complete lot of female. After giving her a breast massage in the sun, his next task is to give his big breasted boss a sexy copulate on her beach blanket and give her total pleasure. That babe certainly merits it.

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The Gogo dancer

The Hawt dancer

The Lap Dancer

When Merilyn Sakova launched, there was solely one thing to do. Photograph her as much as possible ‘cuz u not at all know when a peculiar chick like Merilyn decides to pack it all in.

In this glamour photoshoot, filmed in Kiev along with the accompanying episode, Merilyn plays a lap dancer. Merilyn wasn’t at all a stripper, as far as we know, but the fantasy is hot.

One day, the SCORE employees was walking with Merilyn in Kiev looking at the sights when a passerby with obviously well-trained boob radar recognized her and asked if that charmer could get a not many images taken with her. The buck was so nervous this Lothario was shaking. Merilyn has that effect on lads.

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East Meets Breast 2

East Meets Breast TWO

East Meets Breast 2

Hitomi and Lily Madison acquire it on in a fetish-style pairing. It’s Lily who’s the whispery lady and Hitomi the slave. They’re one as well as the other slaves to their mutual craving for every other.

Her legs clad in glossy black PVC boots and holding a pink BDSM toy resembling a feminine version of a cat o’ nine tails, Lily calls the shots and uncomplaining Hitomi doesn’t resist for a second. Lily has her on a leash as one more reminder of who the boss is.

Getting her big bouncy bosoms and little butt whipped makes Hitomi moan and cry out and Lily enjoys each second of their ache and fun game, knowing this babe is Hitomi’s owner. Every girl had to voyage a long distance from home for this kinky, little game and they make every second count.

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Katie’s Morning Ritual–Part Two

Katie’s Morning Ritual–Part Two

Katie's Morning Ritual--Part Two

It’s a rare event to be granted specific access to that almost any secret of feminine temples of ravisher, the baths, where beauties turn themselves into total glamour honey bunnys, if they are lucky sufficient to begin out with the basics of face and figure. And no one has more of the basics of face and figure than Katie Thornton.

In part 2 of Katie’s Morning Ritual, SCORE covergirl Katie does her hair, her toes, her makeup and chooses what she’s plan to wear to lay waste to any lad in Miami who sees her.

Once that babe is clothed in her taut outfit and is willing to rock, Katie heads out to wine, dine and party in advance of this babe flies off to wherever her wanderlust takes her. She is total British eye-candy, enchanting and saucy.

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Double Her Joy

Double Her Fun

Double Her Pleasure

If you have been following Alaura Grey‘s appearances at XL Beauties, you know the bigger in size than standard leaps this babe is made since returning after an absence that was way too long for everybody, an agonizing expect coz no one knew for sure if this babe would ever return. But hope springs eternal, adore big milk cans about to bust without a under garment. Alaura’s made the move from solo to a Billibongs & Tugs to a hardcore scene with an X-Man to this threeway with two men, one as well as the other chaps astounded and amazed by Alaura’s massive and real 36M-cup marangos. Keep in mind that Alaura’s 4’11”.

Alaura said this babe had a trio with a partner and one of her close girlfriends once but this babe is not at any time had a threesome with two boyfriends. Alaura was game to try one with two porn boyz on-camera.

It is a great congratulate for those two to just receive their hands and face holes on Alaura’s love melons, let alone fuck her in her first two-man threesome. The hands of most males are dwarfed trying to lift her milk cans up and play with ’em, if they are favourable enough to be in that position.

Alaura said she’s very timid when it comes to her fullsome funbags and she doesn’t love also much attention. Here at XL Beauties, this babe is enjoying some of her sexual dreams while getting a monumental amount of attention by all of the boys this babe sends over the moon.

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Busty Dulcinea Domesticated

Big-Boob Dulcinea Domesticated

Busty Dulcinea Domesticated

Dulcinea is here to clean up your place. U can check out her if you adore. It will be difficult to keep your eyes off her curvy body since she’s wearing a constricted reservoir top and skintight jeans. Her greater than standard bumpers are in forward thrust mode but they do not fall out when she bends over doing her chores. When Dulcinea pays attention your compass pointing north, that babe makes a decision to clean your jock with her tongue. This is a very fastidious cutie. It would be an incomplete afternoon if this babe couldn’t get banged in advance of this babe went home.

SCORELAND: What do you wanna try sexually that you haven’t done yet?

Dulcinea: I wanna try S&M with a disciplined dom. I don’t so much have joy the pain threshold part of it as much as total submission. I also wanna have sex in a very public place. Adore at a baseball game or something.

SCORELAND: What is the almost any unconventional sex position you’ve ever endevoured?

Dulcinea: An upside-down oral-service while this chab was eating my cookie. I have wanted to try this one for years, and my partner just picked me up one day and was like, “Wait, do a handstand real quick!” and then he seized me and started eating my cunt upside down. I was level with his shlong, so I just shoved it down my mouth and we the one and the other came like that. I was wondrous!

SCORELAND: Have u ever busted a guy’s cherry?

Dulcinea: Nope, not unless you count tit-fucking for the 1st time.

SCORELAND: If u could change one thing about male porno stars, what would it be?

Dulcinea: I urge they would eat muff more! Only 2 I’ve worked with ever do and I acquire it all the time! One of my prefered male adult stars that I look at all the time is adore the king of bawdy cleft eating. I could masturbate to that all day long!

SCORELAND: Out of all of your SCORELAND scenes, what is your favourite?

Dulcinea: My favorite was definitely the scene I did with JMac. I view tons of his scenes and working with him was a mammoth fantasy of mine! I loved that it was a domination-esque scene and it was so coarse. That Lothario could pick me up, which I’ve at no time done before! It was so exciting!

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Facile Rider

Facile Rider

Easy Rider

Christy Marks started off cleaning a bike but wound up soaping her twins instead. After that, the supreme girl-next-door hit the hot-tub in a series of pics.

In his Christy Marks photo feature for October 2017 SCORE mag, Dave celebrated her peculiar appeal: “Once in a while–but not ever often enough–a goddess comes along who has it all. She is youthful, glamourous and naturally stacked. She’s hawt as can be, and that babe takes to glamour modeling like a boob-lover to jacking. Her posing style is blazing-hot, this babe can’t live out of what this babe does and she’s a great hardcore performer, likewise. All of those qualities apply to Christy Marks, the ‘Teen Tit Dream’ from Pennsylvania.”

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The Bouncing Mangos Bonus

The Bouncing Mangos Bonus

The Bouncing Titties Bonus

Nixie Night is amazing at distracting dudes at work. Here she’s in TSG’s workshop area bouncing and jiggling and leaking in put in this XL Bonus vid. Naturally all work ceased as male workers viewed with glazed-over eyeballs.

To top things off, the bouncing stunner oils up her super-huge 42Gs and boing-boings all over the shop. Who can concentrate when this honey bunny is in your face swinging those face-bashers? You there watching this while you are at work: doesn’t going back to your job seem dull and boring now?

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