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Boom-Boom In The VIP Room

Boom-Boom In The VIP Room

Boom-Boom In The VIP Room

Could u handle big boobed dancer Alura Jenson if she was exotic dancing for u in the VIP room of a lap dancing club with no bouncers to click here the way? You’ll need all of your strength to keep up with her but that babe promises u the thrill and the ride of a lifetime. Alura’s awards would be worth it all. It’s no gamble. That babe is a sure thing.

Alura used to teach fitness classes. Originally from Philadelphia, town of boob smotherly adore, Alura changed direction and became an stripper and pornstar. That babe is assertive, solely masturbates when she has to (meaning when there’s no gent to jump) and can’t live out of lads with body hair.

Even though this babe can get into sex poses many wives and girlfriends won’t do, Alura says that the basic missionary way is her beloved. “Don’t chuckle!” Alura said with a toss of her blond mane. The 1st time this babe had sex was on a football field. “He lifted my petticoat, got on his knees and ate my snatch right out in the open!”

There’s always time for “Boom-Boom In The VIP Room” with stacked strippers. It is the American way.

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Alura Jenson & Dee Williams

Alura Jenson & Dee Williams Alura Jenson & Dee Williams
Alura Jenson & Dee Williams @
If you have at not time heard of Mookie Jordan, you’re about to. That fellow is one of the high reaching wide receivers his state has ever produced, and some say that ladies man might not even finish high school to go accomplished. Mookie has a problem, though, and this babe might stand in his way of football stardom: his girlfriend, Shonda. Coaches are aware this babe messes with Mookie’s head, so they’ve asked two of the built program’s administrators to step in: Alura Jenson and Dee Williams. Wait until u watch how they handle Mookie! Alura and Dee’s objective? Acquire Mookie to break up. How are they going to achieve it? By giving Mookie a smack of white mouth…white slit…white ass. Mookie’s invited to fuck any hole this chab pleases, which is exactly what Mookie does. The "coogs" drain Mookie’s balls not once, but twice: first unfathomable in Alura’s fascinating cookie, and then anew all over one as well as the other ladies! As they clean each other with just their tongues, Dee and Alura achieve what they set out to do: Mookie’s pretty soon texting his GF that it’s over!!
Alura Jenson & Dee Williams Alura Jenson & Dee Williams
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Dominno Always Delivers

Dominno Always Delivers

Dominno Always Delivers

A real ravisher with very exotic, tender features, beautiful Dominno did everything as one of the supreme Czech adult stars back in 2008 when this babe arrived on the scene: solos, toys, fuck scenes with lads and pussy-to-pussy action. She’s done an incredible number of porn scenes all over Europe.

Very slim and stacked with natural, big love bubbles, Dominno’s body is sensational. “I most like a downy couch when I screw,” said Dominno. “But I appear to be to have scenes where I’m banged on the floor!”

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Large Wazoo, Big Mangos, Large Fun

Big A-hole, Bigger than typical Meatballs, Big Fun

Big Ass, Bigger in size than typical Wobblers, Large Fun

Nikki Cars has an commonplace female look about her. Many boys at and browsers of the mag prefer that. Many a browser has sent in letters extolling Nikki’s housewife charms and raunchy talents. That babe is the kind of neighbour they’d love to spend the weekend with. Her now ex-hubby got her into porn of the homemade kind. He liked to watch her bonk other males.

XLGirls: Do u have a much loved sex position, or do u love ’em all?

Nikki: I guess doggie-style is my much loved position. I love to be bent over.

XLGirls: Is it because the lad can copulate you hard?

Nikki: Yeah, hard and deep and it is perfect like that.

XLGirls: Is that what gets u off the almost all fashionable? Going rock hard?

Nikki: Yeah, definitely. Getting pounded in doggie-style.

XL Girls: When did u start getting your bouncy bosoms?

Nikki: In fifth grade I think. It was like they just grew overnight. I had adore B-cup milk cans right away. Then in college they were mountainous. I had adore D-cups. I did not know what to do with those greater than average ol’ things.

XLGirls: Did u get plenty of attention ‘coz of your chest?

Nikki: Yeah, I got negative attention though. The boys were weird when I was in school. They picked on me rather than flirted with me cuz they liked my love melons.

XLGirls: Things are kind of backwards adore that when you are youthful. Did they have a nickname for u?

Nikki: Certainly. I was Dolly. Everyone called me Dolly Parton.

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The Erin Star Workout

The Erin Star Workout

The Erin Star Workout

It is a sunny day at the pool and Erin Star‘s appearance makes it much sunnier. Erin plans on working out. First in her sexy Fitness Centre outfit, then going nature beauty. That babe worked out outside in the movie. For this pictorial, she got with out the heat for an air-conditioned fitness session.

Erin said that babe doesn’t decide, but her body is in handsome shape so whatever she is doing, it is successful. Maybe this babe does tons of boob bouncing, something this babe also does on her web camera.

Erin peels off her top and then her shorts. That babe squirts clear gel on her big, enormous love bubbles and rubs it into her breast-flesh. During her moves this babe stops to give the two-fingered greetings, opening up her sweet pink taco. For a newcomer to undressed modeling, Erin is a gold medalist.

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Hitcher With Bumpers

Hitcher With Meatballs

Hitcher With Hooters

When our skilled XL Beauties photographer was driving on a lonely road and saw a hawt hotty clothed in underware trying to hitch a ride, this fellow knew this chab saw a winner. This was no mirage, no optical illusion from the sexy sun. This chab naturally braked inflexible, and before lengthy, Aussie playgirl Rose Blush was playing with her really bigger than standard mellons and spreading her legs as that ladies man snapped away.

XLGirls: It is effortless to guess u acquire plenty of attention.

Rose: I do. Yeah. I don’t mind the attention if it is in acceptable circumstances.

XLGirls: Do u always wear a brassiere?

Rose: I wear a bra in public. If I am home I am usually braless.

XLGirls: What is the funniest comment a boy ever said to u?

Rose: I’ve had a not many marriage proposals. That always amuses me. I once had a boy ask if I wanted to go to the moon with him for dinner.

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Milk cans & Gazoo Latin Style

Bazookas & Arse Latin Style

Tits & Gazoo Latin Style

Alessandra Miller is a hawt girl who likes to suit hawt and go out in the tightest, sexiest dresses and the greatest heels, bras that push her greater than standard marangos up and out and dresses that cling to her ass adore plastic wrap.

“I adore the attention I get from boyz when I go to the beach or to a exotic dancing club,” said Alessandra. “I wanted to try adult modeling. People kept telling me that I should do it or they would ask me if I am a model. I decided to try it. I love sex very much so I knew it would be joy.

“I am very sociable and I make friends very easily. I adore to talk to people and relish partying with them. My regular carnal fantasy is to have sex on a beach. I’ve done that. I cum the hardest from good blowjob. If males wanna make their lady happy, give her orall-service.”

Next for Alessandra is a XXX scene with JMac.

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Born To Be Naked

Born To Be Stripped

Born To Be Naked

Vehicle washings engineered by sexy chicks adore Alia Janine are always a pleasure.

“I did not acquire those [pointing to her chest] until I was Twenty 3, when I was in a serious relationship,” Alia told. “Whenever I gain weight, I gain it in my pointer sisters first, and when I lose the weight, they stay. I was adore a high C low D until I was about Twenty two. I got up to 135 pounds, which is also slender for me. I got up to 184, and then I started working out to go to become a cop. I lost weight but the bumpers stayed. And then they got bigger.”

Alia got into lap dancing and proved to be a natural at the art of clothing disposal. “A pair of my girlfriends did it. I was bartending at the time and I wanted to buy a car. I was gorgeous nervous the 1st time so I brought one of my girlfriends along. I was shaking on stage the 1st time but I got over it.”

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The Cleavage Close Business Technique

The Breast valley Close Business Technique

The Breast valley Close Business Technique

“One of my monumental frustrations in the corporate world is that it is subrigid to dress professionally when u have big funbags,” real-life businesswoman Scarlett said us in a face-to-face.

“Even if I am wearing smth that isn’t low-cut, I am conscious about my juggs. And it is so tough to shop for sexy clothing that look accustomed but aren’t dowdy. Love, if I just wear a large, ol’ shirt to cover my billibongs, I just look obese, love I have no figure.

“Before I did consulting, I was a saleswoman, selling time shares. My bra buddies nearly got me in a predicament! I was sitting at a table, telling this couple about the resort, and when I am sat at a table, my marangos are up on the table! I realized the partner was staring at me and his wife kept staring at him.

“They didn’t buy, and my manager took me aside and said me, ‘You cant do the Deep cleavage Close when there’s a wife around.’ I did not have a clue as to what he meant by ‘the cleavage close!’ Apparently, you can solely brandish your tits if your customer is a single lad. It doesn’t work if the wife is there ‘coz she’ll get pissed off! But with a single dude, well, then it can work to your advantage.”

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