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Final Call For Bra-busters

Final Call For Wobblers

Last Call For Boobs

Jessica Taylor had 2 jobs and they could not be more contradictory. She was a stripped dancer and a construction contractor. She erected buildings and this babe erected boners at a nude club called Taboo in Arcadia, California. Hardon engineer would be an accurate job title. That babe has the appearance of the hot-chick-next-door.

“It’s truly kind of a conservative strip club, so u solely receive full bare when the girls are on the stage but when we give lap dances, we’re fully clothed. We give lap dances in full bikinis–tops and bottoms,” Jessica explained.

Her construction co-workers did not watch Jessica in her…other work hawt outfit…”but I do receive a lot of boys who enter the club who work in construction. They question me about it during the time that I am dancing and they adore that I work in the same field that they do. They kind of like that a hotty adore me can have bigger in size than typical scones and be a dancer but can also put up drywall and lay down tile. I’m into lads who make me snicker and are into the same things that I am into.”

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Concupiscent Plumper

Slutty Plumper

Horny Plumper

At 164 lbs. and measuring 46-35-39, Laura Bailey fueled the dreams of larger than standard hottie lovers in the late 1990s and very early 2000s. Our staff across the Greater than standard Pond identified Laura, a Dublin lass living and working in London, and knew they had to lure her into the studio. That smile alone blew everybody away.

A cheery looking blonde with the look of uncertainty in her eyes, Laura was unsure about posing. Perhaps that babe thought wrongly that she lacked the sex appeal to knock out boys with her awesome frame, in light of the slim and fake look that pervades western society. “I was 13 years-old when my bra buddies began to grow,” told Laura. “I wore a Thirty four DD-cup bra at 13.”

But the truth is that many dudes get a furious Tommy Man over pics of sweethearts like Laura, even if they keep that a secret from their bros. Laura’s only slightly distasteful comment to our editors at the time was, “I don’t have sexual dreams. I have romantic ones. Falling in like and living happily ever after. The Cinderella dream.”

We hope Laura is living her dream.

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Big boobed Sister Act Part One

Big busted Sister Act Part One

Busty Sister Action Part One

Large bra-busters run in some families and Erin Star‘s family is the flawless sample. That babe and her sister Helen have big breasted racks u don’t watch daily of the week. Helen has too posed. So this is a truly historic pont of time in time.

One of our Romanian XL Cuties, Mia Hottie, connected with Erin. Mia alerted the photographer who films her for XL. Long story short, a road tour to Romania had to be made. Mia was too our cameraman’s translator. These siblings are no normal sisters! We also photographed a 3rd big boobed goddess. Not family but part of the big busted sorority in Romania.

They’re the first naturally-stacked sister action in SCORE’s 25-year history. In the early 1990’s real-life sisters Toppsy Curvey and Lulu Devine were the first, and only, super-sized family. Hopefully the next sister act won’t take some other Twenty years.

We often ask SCORELAND Beauties if they have any big breasted friends back home who might urge to pose likewise. It’s extremely rare if they do. Asking Erin if there were any more lookers love her at home was indeed successful.

For enjoyment, Erin can’t live without to hang out with her allies, sing, go to the clips (this babe loves horror films) and run in the park. That we’d like to see one day.

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Busty Pole Swinger

Big-Boob Pole Swinger

Busty Pole Swinger

In an article called “The Entire Guide To Lap Dancing” published in SCORE magazine and posted at the SCORELAND Blog, we wrote that: “In a bottomless undress club, the cuties who are showing cunt and widening their butts will majority likely give the foremost lap dances. In a topless-only lap dancing club, the girls who are constantly poking the rules by either pulling aside their G-strings for a sneak peek or pulling their G-strings up their cunts are plan to give the finest lap dances.”

In this strip club, June Summers does whatever this babe urges. She’ll do whatsoever the customers crave. No one will bounce the customers and suspend the dancers. Forget the intimate VIP room. In this exotic dancing club, the patrons can shag the strippers.

June gives this sexually excited club-goer a lap dance, a fuck and an upside-down oral-sex! “I love porn and I adore watching it,” June said. “I adore making porn movies with boys who know how to treat me like a little floozy during sex and adore a lady in the lounge.” In this case, love a floozy in the lounge applies.

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Alaura Grey Is Back!

Alaura Grey Is Back!

Alaura Grey Is Back!

We have had a major year here at XL Gals, but Alaura Grey‘s return after a two year absence is completely seismic! Two years of non-stop emails asking when this babe will return. 2 years of inviting Alaura back to XL Beauties, to no avail.

Now that expect is over! And there will be more to come with many surprises. This is Alaura’s welcome back scene. This babe is looking as spectacular as ever and her large love muffins are even larger, with two more cup sizes that make her an M-cupper. “I’m very demure when it comes to my scones,” Alaura said. “I do not love likewise much attention. I do not suit to emphasize my milk cans. I acquire tons of attention moreover. I don’t really pay much mind to it now. I truly adore to wear sweaters.”

In this glamour photoshoot, her 1st in two years, Alaura releases her twin wonders, with their pointy nipps that always look erect, and plays big breast games. Heading south, Alaura takes a big toy and works it in and with out her damp love tunnel, giving herself rhythmic strokes. It’s the first time Alaura’s used a toy on-camera.

This babe is solely just begun to enjoy.

Welcome back, Alaura Grey.

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Codi Vore Is Coming Clean

Codi Vore Is Coming Clean

Codi Vore Is Coming Clean

There’re showers and there are showers. When Codi Vore takes a shower, it is big news at SCORELAND. This babe steps into the shower wearing a white costume that’s perfect for her and acquires juicy. Peeling it off, Codi soaps up everywhere.

It’s impossible to take a bad picture of this knockout golden-haired. On the photogenic scale from 1 to 10, Codi is a 10. This babe was the flawless hotty to play with Milly Marks, some other 10.

Codi has mentioned “edging” and how much fun this babe acquires from it. It’s likewise called “tease and denial.” 1st the build-up, then the release.

“It’s any kind of denial to where if someone is trying to receive me off or finger me or everything like that, I love it when they touch me and then not touch me and not let me touch myself, so I am constantly being stimulated and then denied stimulation. It makes me so wet, and I do not care how long it lasts. It turns me on so much. It drives me insane. No thing gets me wetter than not being allowed to touch myself during the time that I squirm and supplicate for more.

“Orgasming is all I can think about. It is a valuable form of domination and submission coz it shows that this chab has control over me and he is gonna tell me when I need to cum and when I don’t acquire to cum, and that is just super hawt to me. There are times when I am denied. Then I need to finish myself off later, and when that happens, the climax is explosive. Either way, it’s great.”

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Soleil’s Slam Dance

Soleil’s Slam Dance

Soleil's Slam Dance

Soleil Hughes is not on the incorrect side of the tracks. She’s on the right side. That babe needs to drum up some action. Draining males of cum is her job and she’s dedicated to it. That babe tries to flag down a lad who wishes to party with her.

Flaunting her big boobed body in a low-cut suit, her bigger than standard milk cans nearly pouring out, Soleil is picked up by a excited charmer looking for some hawt snatch and driven to an apartment. Her trick lies on the ottoman and watches as Soleil gets to work on his pecker and balls, jacking his jock and mouthing his nuts, pulling on ’em with her lips as she stares at the digi camera.

Soleil rides ramrod, taking it deep in her snatch, giving her chap of the sixty minutes a nasty fucking. He mercilessly rams Soleil’s taut cunt in missionary, the one and the other on-top poses and from behind. She didn’t wait this hook-up to be so pounding and it unveils on her face which acquires blasted by nut-milk when he’s done with her.

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Deep-dicked Dee Delmar

Deep-dicked Dee Delmar

Deep-dicked Dee Delmar

It’s tell and flaunt time with Dee Delmar, a 48-year-old swinger from Tampa, Florida. Previous to this auburn-haired SEXY HOUSEWIFE gets down to rogering, that babe tells us a little bit about herself. She is a first-timer, so we asked her what she liked foremost about the experience.

“Being pampered with hair and makeup and then priceless, large, rock hard cocks to bonk,” Dee said.

No surprise. Dee lives in a nudist resort in Tampa and does tons of banging. The 1st time she visited the place, that babe got there on Wednesday afternoon and didn’t leave until Sunday. That should tell you something about how much this babe loves sex. But, as we told, this is tell and show, so after the telling, Dee shows us how much that babe can’t live with out big, rock hard dongs to fuck.

A not many things we learn about Dee in this video:

1. This babe is accomplished at giving head. This babe gets really unfathomable. At one point, the smooth operator is on his back and Dee is engulfing his knob. Then she holds her head still so he can pump her mouth with his 10-Pounder meat. She receives very unfathomable and receives his schlong very soaked.

TWO. It’s effortless to make her cum.

THREE. Her cookie can accommodate tons of knob.

4. This babe likes eating a guy’s cum.

5. That babe enjoys having sex in public.

“One time, a lengthy time agone, I was with a pair of friends, and we walked out side of the lap dancing club, and they had a marvelous greater than typical car, and one of the dudes and I were riding on the hood, and they were taking a episode of us during the time that I was giving the guy a oral fun.”

And if anyone else was watching, that was perfectly worthy by Dee.

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Artists Receive All The Fur pie

Artists Receive All The Cum-hole

Artists Receive All The Pussy

Candy Manson is hired for the job of artist’s adult model. The wannabe Rembrandt forgets all about his vision and comes to a completion that during the time that Candy is a great subject for his painting, that babe is probably even better at eating his rod and screwing him. He’s right, of course.

Candy is very oral-job, adore her name.

“Sucking cock receives me randy. It turns me on. I like to see how the boy reacts, and I love to watch how much I can receive down my throat, and I love the feeling of a stiff dick in my face hole. It is like the head is cushy and squashy and the shaft is hard, and it feels rock hard and squishy at the same time, and it’s in my mouth, and I can feel it palpitating.

I adore when I’m engulfing a guy’s penis and this ladies man jerks it. You know, makes it move in my mouth. And I love when lads cum in my face hole. I adore the taste of cum. It is just sexy. The other person’s truly getting off on it, and that turns me on, also. I know some gals do not like giving head, but I adore it.”

We don’t know what happened to the masterpiece the artist not at any time completed. It is one of the great mysteries of the art world.

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